Notice on how to enter the restaurant.

Osaka Torafugu no Kai is originally a members-only association and so its restaurant locations are slightly difficult to find. Please be sure to read the notice "Directions to entering the restaurant" located below of each restaurant information page prior to your reservation. A reservation confirmation number (e.g. Mycon0000. Issued and sent via email after completing payment) will be required to enter the restaurant.


Address6F Rocky Bldg. 2-1-22 Terada-cho, Tennōji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Business Hours12:00-16:30
ClosedIrregular Holidays(Closed at the end and beginning of the Year, New Years Eve/New Year's Day)
DirectionsWe recommend taking a taxi to the restaurant.
Seating10 Rooms
Seating minimum of 2 and maximum of 35 guests
※The restaurant cannot accommodate single diners.
Dress CodeThere is no strict dress code, however the restaurant would like to ask that guests do not dress overly casually. Service may be denied to those who are dressed overly casually (e.g. A male guest dressed in short pants or wearing sandals).
ChildrenChildren are welcome (not required to order food. No baby/high chairs at the restaurant. Guests are welcome to bring a stroller into the restaurant.
ReservationReservation required.
※Pre-payment (via PayPal or credit card) required at least 3 days in advance from the official website.
Payment MethodCredit Card or Cash
大阪とらふぐの会 本店 Osaka torafugu no kai honten

Directions to Entering Honten

This is originally a members-only restaurant and so it is slightly difficult to find. It is located inside an apartment building.
Please exit the North Exit of JR Line Teradachō Station, go straight down the large road and turn right at the Teradachō intersection (landmark: a 7-Eleven convenience store).


Located inside an apartment building named Rocky Bldg with the sign "読売新聞 Yomiuri Shimbun" on the front.


Frontview of the apartment building.


Please take the elevator to the 6th floor.


Please press the intercom and provide your Reservation Name and Reservation Confirmation Number (e.g. Mycon0000).