Introducing the exclusive and members-only Torafugu cuisine to world

Japan is perhaps the only country in which Fugu (pufferfish) can be eaten and enjoyed with absolute certainty of safety. The Osaka-Torafugu-No-Kai, a completely members-only culinary club until now, accepts limited reservations through this exclusive website so that people from all across the world can enjoy one of Japan's most recognized and unique cuisines.
Fugu is notorious for its lethal poison and most newcomers at first do not understand why Japanese diners continue to risk danger by eating Fugu cuisine. However, they quickly learn why Fugu is called "the king of white fish" as not only is its texture of supple meat nearly addictive, but because it is overflowing with health benefits, being high in protein yet low in calories.
Techiri (Fugu hotpot) and Tessa (Fugu sashimi) are the most common ways to eat Fugu, however at Osaka-Torafugu-No-Kai grilled fugu is also available, as well as the highly rare and limited Fugu shirako (roe). Here the best and true texture and flavor of the Torafugu, the most premium species of the fugu family, can be experienced, as only the largest fishes weighing 2 to 3 kilograms are used.
Osaka-Torafugu-No-Kai invites all those who wish the experience truly delicious Fugu into its family.


All Fugu served at Osaka-Torafugu-No-Kai are farmed-raised and not caught from oceans. This is because while Fugu caught from the ocean was highly valued in the past, there is much more pollution in the ocean which leads to higher and lethal levels of toxicity in natural Fugu. The Fugu served at in the cuisine at Osaka-Torafugu-No-Kai are carefully cultivated in unpolluted waters and given the best feed and that which we can present to you with full confidence and pride.

Restaurant Information

【Restaurant】Osaka Torafugu no Kai (Honten, Premium, Kimiyo Tokyo Akasaka, Kimiyo Tokyo Ebisu)
【Open Hours】See restaurant info. page.
【Closed】Irregular Holidays
【Seating】Min. of 2 guests. For max. see restaurant info. page.
【Children】Children welcome (not required to order food). Strollers allowed at restaurant.
Ningyocho Kimi:Not allowed.


【Reservation】Reservation required
※Pre-payment (via PayPal or credit card) required at least 3 days in advance from the official website
【Payment method】
Cash, Credit card


【Category】Torafugu, Nabe, Hotpot, Hot Pot, Techiri (Fugu hotpot), Tessa (Fugu sashimi)
【Location】Japan, Kansai, Osaka
【Keywords】Osaka Torafugu no Kai, Torafugu, Fugu, Tokyo, Ebisu, Akasaka